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About Tony Merhi

Step into Tony’s world, where property development and philanthropy intersect. As the Founder and Managing Director of Merc Capital, Tony, a self-taught entrepreneur, contributes to the growth of real estate in Sydney, specialising in the North-West areas, with a commitment to transparency and leading-edge designs.

Explore Tony’s development projects, from pioneering apartment projects in the Hills District, to venturing into retail, hotel and large-scale mixed-use developments.

Prior to property development, Tony’s previous work included establishing and running his own international import-export company, dealing in everything from meat and fruit to luxury goods and veterinary medicine.

Beyond his role as a property developer, Tony is deeply committed to philanthropy. His endeavors range from building and establishing a medical center that provides free treatment to thousands annually, to championing causes for children, women, and the underprivileged. Adding to his global perspective, Tony is multilingual, proficient in Arabic, French, and English.

Tony's Projects

See some Tony’s developments.

Dancers Square, Norwest

Located at the gateway into Norwest, Dancers Square is Merc Capital’s vision for a vibrant and iconic architectural landmark on Norwest Boulevard. The site provides a key interchange and land use transition from Windsor Road into the Norwest Business Park.

Sunlife Plaza, Merrylands

Sunlife Plaza has everything you need for convenience and quality of life. The Plaza has a large supermarket, speciality retail, a childcare centre, commercial office space, apartments and the comforts and luxuries of hotel living at your doorstep.

Central Plaza, Norwest

Positioned in the heart of Norwest and within walking distance of Norwest Marketown Shopping Centre, the northwest metro and Hillsong Church, Central Plaza will become one of the North West’s biggest residential and commercial hubs.

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